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Routine tests to determine milk composition and quality

Determination of fat, protein, lactose content and somatic cells

Fat, protein and lactose content is determined by the infrared instrument LactoScopeFTIR.
Somatic cells count is performed by the heavy-duty counter-measurer Somascope, which operates by the fluoro-opto-electronic method.

Enumeration of total bacteria count

Total bacteria count is determined using direct epifluorescence filtering method and flow citometer method, which is performed by measurer Bentley Bactocount IBC.

Testing on inhibitory substances

The milk is screened using microbial inhibitor test - LPT preparation with spores of Bacillus stearothermophilus var. calidolactis, which are sensitive to antibiotics and sulphamilamides.

Preparation LPT for determining inhibitors in milk is produced in the laboratory according enterprise's standart.

Determination of milk freezing point

Screening of milk freezing point for all samples is performed by Lactoscope instrument. Milk samples, whose freezing temperature was higer than -0,515oC, are re-tested using termistor cryoscope to determine freezing point.

For assurance of testing methods precision in routine laboratory uses appropriate reference methods:

  • Determination of fat content by gravimetric method;
  • Determination of nitrogen content by Kjeldahl method;
  • Enumeration of somatic cells by microscopic method;
  • Enumeration of microorganisms by colony-count technique at 30oC ;
  • Determination of urea content in milk by enzymatic method.

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