Reference material

Reference material

The service is aimed at laboratories that analyze milk to help obtain more reliable results from these analyses. It is important to calibrate instruments and monitor results to ensure quality and reliability of analysis.

JSC „Pieno tyrimai“ Laboratory can offer following milk sample kits (secondary reference materials), which are prepared every month:

  • For mid-infrared analyzers (RBLSM), which consist of 13 different concentration milk samples, where the fat content range varies from 2% to 7%, protein content – from 2% to 7%, lactose content from 4,5% to 5,5%, total dry matter content – from 10% to 16%.
  • For milk freezing point analyzers (UT), which consist of 10 different milk samples with freezing point values between minus 490 mºC and minus 530 mºC.
  • For urea parameter analyzers in milk (Ur) we offer set, consisting of 10 different milk samples with urea content between 10 mg/100 ml and 65 mg/100 ml.
  • For somatic cells fluorooptoelectronic counters (SL), consisting of 5 different milk samples, which somatic cells ranges from 100 thousand/ml to 1000 thousand/ml.
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SN Title Parameter Reference number of the document specifying test methods
1. DM
Fat content, % LST EN ISO 1211:2010
Protein content, % LST EN ISO 8968-1:2014 except clause 9.1
Lactose content, % LST ISO 26462:2012
2. DM RBLSM Total dry matter  content, % LST ISO 6731:2011, except clauses 6.2 and 6.3
3. DM UT Freezing point, m°C×(-1) LST EN ISO 5764:2009
4. DM Ur Urea, mg/100 ml LST EN ISO 14637:2007
5. KM SL Somatic cell count., thousands/ml LST EN ISO 13366-1:2008 LST EN ISO 13366-1:2008/AC:2009

The methods are accredited by the National Accreditation Bureau, the accreditation certificate No. LA.01.106

Preserved milk sample kits are stored at 4ºC ±2ºC. To order milk sample kits, please complete Form.

SC „Pieno tyrimai“ transportation will deliver the ordered kits to Lithuanian milk processing and purchasing companies free of charge. On condition for the dispatch to certain destinations outside Lithuania, please contact us directly.

For further information, please contact The Head of Reference Testing Laboratory Dr. Vaidotas Martinavičius,  e-mail

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