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Quality management system

The enterprise management in the implementation of the main mission of Pieno Tyrimai to be a central and impartial testing laboratory, which performs testing on composition and quality of raw cows milk for all the country milk producers with the purpose of payment settlement for purchased milk and milk recording, undertake to:

  • follow good professional practice,
  • always perform testing by the methods stated and comply with the customers demands,
  • strive for customer satisfaction with quality performance of testing,
  • assimilate and implement new methods of testing, update testing equipment,
  • bring all the employees of the enterprise together for the pursuing of the quality policy, enhance their awareness of the significance of the customers requirements as well as the requirements of the regulating legislation,
  • strive for harmonious sustainable co-operation among the divisions and departments of the enterprise,
  • systematically organize personnel qualification improvement and employee training courses in the process of assimilation of new methods of testing and technologies,
  • involve all the enterprise partners and customers into pursuing the enterprise's quality policy,
  • analyse data of testing and provide information to customers,
  • develop and implement the quality management system, which corresponds to the requirements of the international standard LST EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018, and continually improve its effectiveness,
  • maintain management system integrity during planning and implementation of the system changes,
  • continually set specific aims and objectives as well as the criteria for their evaluation in pursuing this policy with the allocation of all necessary resources for the purpose.

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