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State enterprise Pieno Tyrimai is an accredited central laboratory of milk testing in Lithuania. It performs all the compulsory composition and quality testing of purchased cow milk for payment purposes as well as all the necessary testing of raw milk for dairy herd improvement.

SE Pieno tyrimai performs analyses on fat, protein, lactose, urea content, on milk freezing temperature, somatic cells and total bacteria count as well as determination of inhibitors. The laboratory participates in the chloramphenicol prevention program and carries out testing on chlorampenicol residues in milk samples by the ELISA method. Apart from this the laboratory also prepares pool milk samples for testing on diseases. A new service for milk producers was introduced in the laboratory in 2007– identification of mastitis causing organisms and determination of their sensitivity to antibiotics.

Presently Pieno Tyrimai employs 146 people.

Laboratory tests about 2 million milk samples for dairy herd improvement and about 6 million milk samples for settlement of payment for milk producers per year.

SE Pieno Tyrimai has been accredited to perform physical, chemical and microbiological testing of raw milk (Lithuanian National Accreditation Bureau Accreditation Certificate No. LA.01.16, PDF ).

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